Blogue de JR: retraite de The Undertaker / La TNA trop "bavarde"

Voici le résumé de commentaires émis récemment par Jim Ross sur son blogue (

- Ross ne croit pas que The Undertaker prendra sa retraite après "Wrestlemania 27", contrairement à ce que disent certaines rumeurs. Il pense qu'il pourrait demeurer en place pour au moins trois ans, avec un horaire allégé. Et selon lui, il ne perdra jamais à "Wrestlemania".

“Where are all the rumors coming from regarding the retirement plans of the Undertaker? Some emailers are contacting us as if these rumors are fact and are etched in stone. These are the same, unfounded rumors that begin making their rounds after each Wrestlemania. My take on this matter is that Undertaker isn’t retiring after WM27 in Atlanta. I can easily see the Deadman competing for another three years or so if his schedule is well managed. If forced to speculate, and that’s all I’m doing, wouldn’t calling it a day after, say, Wrestlemania 30 make more sense? Bottom line is that Taker will retire when he’s damn well ready to retire plus I still stand by what I have always said that he will never lose a match at Wrestlemania.”
- J.R. assure qu'il ne souhaite rien de mal à la TNA, mais que les lutteurs devraient être davantage dans le ring et moins parler au micro.
“People ask me all the time to critique TNA which is a no win situation for me. First of all I don’t watch TNA regularly so for me to act as if I do and make across the board judgments of the brand would not be fair nor accurate. Secondly, I work for WWE so any thing I say good, bad or indifferent about TNA will be looked at as a biased opinion. Let it be known that I hope TNA becomes very profitable some day and wish them well. They have a nice, talent roster that needs to wrestle more and talk less but that could be said about the majority of pro wrestling entities over the past decade or so. Bad acting is simply bad acting no matter what show it appears on.”

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